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Lifetime Service

Online Tool Trucks's Lifetime Support program is designed to give each Online Tool Truck customer lifetime technical, purchase and service support on each validated product purchased via Online Tool Truck. 

This means that if you have technical support, use-application, post purchase, warranty or general questions we are here to help you find the answers you are looking for. We are not providing a lifetime warranty on each unit sold, we do however offer extended warranties on each items sold (varies by product).

If you product has a defect or manufacturers workmaship error we will take every step possible to take care of the issue for you, whether that is having the tool warrantied from the manufacturer, using our extended warranty service (if still in warranty), repair or replacement options.

Rather than having to deal with the manufacturer of the product you bought from us, we have an expedited process in place. All that you need to do if you find your tool is in need of service, repair or replacement is call, email or text us with an image of the tool, description of the problem, serial numbers if applicable and the email address associated with your OTT account. We will handle the rest from there, and either send you a call tag, replacment unit or provide you with your next best options. We will not leave you hanging "high and dry" we are here to help. 

We have a dedicated customer support phone number for you to help expedite your claims. 

Although this service is included in the price of your products please note that this program does not (nor does any other program available in the industry) offer replacement of normal wear and tear, absued or neglected items. This program does not replace rusted or broken tools due to abnormal operation. The program does not replace burnt, melted or liquid damaged items. This program does not cover consumable items. This program does not mean you have free tools for life. 

Please feel free to call us with any questions or concerns.